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Sekali Lagi 2011 PPVRip Malay Single Link

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Arman (Shaheizy Sam) is about to get married to Farina (Shasha). However, one day he receives a dream that ask him not to. In fact, the relationship between both of them are starting to get worse. On the way home both are fighting until a young girl called Amy (Mia Sara Nasuha) saves Arman from a snatch robber.
Although Amy is only five years old, she is intelligent, independent and forms a good friendship with Arman. Even Amy's mother, Shiela (Lisa Surihani) is impressed she gets happier compared to before. At the same time Amy falls for Haris (Bront Palarae), a widower who takes care of Amy during the day while she is at work.
Amy too likes Haris and agrees for her mother to get married with him. For the sake of her daughter, Shiela agrees to get married with Haris. This is a happy news for both of them. However, everything changes when she finds out about the close friendship between Amy and Arman...

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